The Principal is empowered to rusticate or suspend or remove a student from the rolls of the school on grounds of indiscipline, misbehavior, neglect of academic work or frequent absence. Physical training, games, scouting, guiding and camps are compulsory for all students. Students are required to take part in various extra curricular activities organized from time to time.

A student who is not dressed neatly and tidily in the full school uniform, will not be permitted to sit in the class. The prescribed shade and pattern must be carefully adhered to. Any deviation will not be accepted. Strict measures will be taken against those who ignore the rules concerning the uniform. Students must wear the P. T. uniform on Saturdays.
Students must refrain from damaging the school property, furniture, fans, window panes etc. In case of any knowledge about damage done accidentally or intentionally they should report the matter to the Head Master, Head Mistress. Any damage to the school property, furniture etc. will be remedied at the cost of the offender.
The class monitors will report to the class teachers any damage done accidentally or intentionally. The class teachers will report the matter to the person in charge, who will get, the things repaired and charge the cost from the students concerned, as the case may be. Students are advised not to buy any food from street vendors in the interest of their health.
No student will manhandle another student. It is considered a serious offence. Any violation of this rule may result in expulsion of the offender from the school. Students are expected to exhibit exemplary behavior, inside and outside the school premises, worthy of children brought up in decent homes.
Students are required to note their homework in the School diary.
Students are strictly forbidden to leave the school premises or grounds during the regular school hours. Permission to leave may be granted only by the Head Master/Head Mistress/ Principal.
Lending or borrowing of money is strictly prohibited. The school authorities will not be responsible for the loss of money, books etc. Students are expected to look after their own belongings.
Students must park their cycles/scooters in the parking area and lock them. Students riding on two wheelers must wear helmets. Students caught triple riding will be penalized.
Leave of Absence No leave of absence is granted except on a previous application from parent guardian for plausible reasons only or on an application from the parent when the student reports beak to the school.
Absence without leave or unexplained absence for more than three consecutive days may result in the students name being struck off the rolls. Re-admission may only be granted on payment of fresh admission fee.
Attendance on the first and last working day of each term is compulsory. . Strict regularity and punctuality, implicit obedience, courtesy in speech and conduct, cleanliness of person and uniform are expected from all the students. Parents are expected to cooperate with the school authorities regarding the instructions, rules and regulations.

A student may be removed by the school authorities without prior notice to the parents on any of the following grounds.
(a) Constant weakness in studies
(b) Habitual idleness and disobedience
(c) Irregularity
(d) Behaviour problems/Direct or Indirect involvement in violence.
(e) Indifference to school activities
(f) Untidy and improper uniform
(g) Non co-operation and irresponsible behaviour of parents/guardians towards any member of school staff.